Take It Easy Policy is a small free spirited record label and publishing house.
Run by Emil Høgset, Espen Friberg and friends in Oslo, Norway.

So far we have released the following cassettes, books, posters,
postcards, buttons, videos, CD-R’s, and MP3’s:

tiep.biz/001 Snöras – Life in the Gutter
tiep.biz/002 Prinztronix – Anyone for PONG?
tiep.biz/003 TIEP letter man poster
tiep.biz/004 Titus B – EP001
tiep.biz/005 Kim Hiorthøy – TIEP Tape Kasssett
tiep.biz/006 Espen Friberg – Ut mot havet
tiep.biz/007 Goodbye Things – To låter og en plakat
tiep.biz/008 Koppen – Okinawa Adventure Team
tiep.biz/009 Titus B – EP002
tiep.biz/010 Bjørn Hatterud – BALD EAGLE PUBES…
tiep.biz/011 Prinztronix – Pressing Buttons
tiep.biz/012 So Takahashi – Creatures
tiep.biz/013 Human Inferno – Terremoto
tiep.biz/014 Arnesen/Friberg – Sleep And How To Get There
tiep.biz/015 Chaotic Morphs – Q
tiep.biz/016 Marianne Røthe Arnesen + Marianne Hallseth – M2M
tiep.biz/017 Prunk Möbel – Greetings From the Liminal

Our releases (except one) can be found on all digital streaming services.

You can buy/order our releases from Tiger and Sauejakten.
If you want to contact us: tiep@tiep.biz

We are also FacebookSoundCloud and Vimeo.

Take it easy!