Espen T. Hangård – Based On My Vision

Single, A + B side. 
Digital + reflex + video. 
Produced by Espen T. Hangård at Dogskool & Maximilian.
Mastered by Kassian Troyer at Dubplates & Mastering.

Released February 28, 2020

“Through his work as guitarist and vocalist in the Norwegian bands Noplacetohide and KILLL, and more recently in bands such as Diskord, She Said Destroy and Altaar, Espen T. Hangård has shown an enduring devotion to experimentation and genre defiance. Since the recording debut in 1995, he has participated on a string of releases and played venues like Berghain and the Roskilde Festival. The last few years Hangård has been working solo, producing electronic music dominated by synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers.”