Spykidelic – Uniseriate

Despite co-writes dating back to 1994, Uniseriate is Tony F Wilson’s debut solo release (although Wilson solo tracks featured on Echo Park’s 1998 Revolution of Everyday Life). The five genre fluid (from austere classical to acidic dancehall and motorik-dub) tracks were borne from a desire to create work where the computer was the central tool after a long period creating solely with voice and hardware with Human Inferno and Timon Botez. Aside from the aforementioned Echo Park (with Jon Tye and featuring Thurston Moore and members of Loop and Seefeel), Wilson has produced music with Neil Halstead as Zurich; Ted Parsons and Salvador Sanchez in Necessary and Demian Castellanos (The Oscillation) in Knives ov Resistance.

Released October 20, 2020

Written & Produced by Tony F Wilson
Mastered by Mark Van Hoen

Bonus DJ-mix:

Video edited by Tony F. Wilson from original footage of Dausteg (9/09), shot by Tommy Høvik and Jan Martin Eiklo.