Human Inferno – Terremoto


Human Inferno is also known as David Gurrik (SONMOI REC). He has this to say about his latest release: The Terremoto cassette shows a different side to Human Inferno than the album Medication did (released on Entr`acte spring 2015). It`s a freer, more lose sound than the one on the album. Some people may disagree but what the hell. Where the vocals on Medication tried to express something, the vocals on Terremoto are mostly totally unintelligible. The vocals are always recorded while drunk so who knows why it sounds different on the two releases … the music is made on outdated gear that barely work. This is also reflected in the sound. Thank you.

Released February 12th 2017 on C30 cassette and digital.


Terremoto on Apple, Spotify and Tidal.