prinztronix – Pressing Buttons

VHS video single

1. Pressing Buttons (poached resistor mix)
Length: 5:31 BPM: 108

2. Pressing Buttons (fried transistor mix)
Length: 7:48 BPM: 123

The VHS video single “Pressing Buttons” is the first single from PRINZTRONIX forthcoming album “Kill your Darlingtons ( F.M-R.I.P.)”

The Norwegian government has decided that as the first country in the world, they will close the FM radio broadcast in 2017. As a tribute, this single is composed on a FM synthesizer transmitted and recorded over the FM radio band.

Released June 2016.

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(Sample: Interview with Thor Heyerdahl by Ulrike Arnold, Tenerife 1996. Used with permission.)