Snöras – Life in the Gutter

C30 cassette

Side A:
1. Full Mental Bucket
2. Trumpets Fading
3. Wara Waste
4. Joseph, I´m only drinkin´
5. Emomaniac
6. No Mojo
7. Saturday Pants
8. King Al.
9. The Cheat
10. Last Day On the Job
11. Junkie In The Hall
12. She Got Away

Side B:
1. Dead Sweet, Evil Eye
2. Nights In a Can
3. Life In The Gutter
4. Kill Yr Darlings
5. The Darkside Of Inspector Morse

Life in the Gutter concludes the trilogy that began with Heart of Weakness (2006) and continued with Plague Waters (2008). The album goes back to square one: No frills. No fancy stuff. Just a mess of drums, guitar and screaming straight to tape.

Released May 2015.

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