Interview with コッペン

Today we are releasing a new cassette with コ ッ ペ ン aka Koppen. It’s called Okinawa Adventure Team. Here is a little interview we did with him:

Are you tired of making ‘pop’? Have you started to make sound art now?

No, I have not made anything really. I’ve just pressed record on a tablet.

What is this project?

It´s sounds and songs I recorded during a holiday in Okinawa. It is almost completely untreated. Some minor editing only.

What does the title “Okinawa Adventure Team” mean? – What are we listening to?

The title is in English so I assume most people understand what it means. Or? The team is me, Moet and Sean, but with the exception of Moet you cannot hear us not on the recordings. There are some nature sounds, some kids, some people walking with geta shoes and som folk music from Okinawa. Some of the footage is from Kyoto, but most it is from Okinawa. All the songs are from Okinawa. Most were recorded while we sat on the roof of an old man, drinking. It is he and his cousins playing.

What did you do in / on Okinawa?

Swam in the ocean and drank awamori. Not much more to do there.

How did you do the recordings (did people know that you recorded etc.)?

I recorded on a phone and on a tablet. The old man and his cousins saw me hit record but forgot about it pretty soon I guess. It was quite “humid”.

How did you de the editing (is the unedited)?

I had Thomas cut and fix levels. I just sat there with my whip, like a dictator.

Where is the green fish from?

The photo was taken at the fish market Makishi in Naha. Think it’s a Toerka Fugu. The fish that is poisonous if you cut it wrong.

Would you like to make more of this type of publication?

Yes, I would love to. Was that a proposition?

Yes! Is there an ‘Oslo Adventure Team’?

Yes, but they only do parkour and urban exploration.

Anything you want to say to the kids?

Hey, hey, hey … smoke weed every day!

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